Ministry to hard-of-hearing persons

Throughout the world there are people with hearing impairments, and our country is not exception. In Russia there are about 13 million deaf and hard-of-hearing people. These people also need the preaching the gospel, the availability of God’s Word and servicies, so in our church there was founded the ministry for hard-of-hearing people. Servers have been trained in the school of sign language. The training program and the active ministry focused on helping tfor social adaptation of this people. People with hearing disabilities live in their “own”  world as if separately, because of the stereotype that they are defective, and because of misunderstanding and lack of contact with the hearing people. God loves all people, regardless of their health! First of all, this service enables people with limited hearing abilities to grow spiritually, to grow in the knowledge of God and to study God’s Word, as well as self-realization, releasing the potential that they have. Church gives them the opportunity to understand and feel their importance to God and society, as well as their usefulness in the world. The purpose of the ministry is precisely in bringing the Word of God to all people, and the main task is a further development of the ministry and the development of communication between the hard-of-hearing and hearing people.

At this point in our church, there are people with a hearing impairments, for whom our ministry helps to learn about God and to feel free and real members of the society. Thanks servers they communicate with people and have acquired not only brothers and sisters, but also friends.

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