Social adaptation and individual recovery

One of the areas of social ministry of the Church is to serve alcoholics and drug addicts. Among the many challenges facing Russian society, the problem of drug addiction, as a global threat to public health and national security, is one of the first places. Spread of drug addiction in Russia in the past decade has been an alarming rate.

Psychologists say that addiction is more psychological dependence than physical. Person who uses drugs, seeks to fill the spiritual emptiness. But we believe that only God can fill the spiritual emptiness of a man.

Nowadays, in addition to state, there are many Christian rehabilitation centers, where people can get help for free. Our church helps drug addicts to go to the center to have social rehabilitation. If they need, we help to collect necessary documents and information to undergo a medical examination.We cooperate with many rehabilitation centers of the North-West, Ural, Siberian and Southern Federal Districts of Russia. We also conduct anti-drug campaign for youth. We support the so-called codependent people: parents, relatives of those people who decided to change their lives and undergo rehabilitation. Help people after rehabilitation to settle in life: to find a job, housing, possibly, go studying.

For more information please call: 8 (812) 498 12 05 or +7 (911) 843 18 85 (Aleksey). Your privacy is guaranteed.

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